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Easy to make more fashionable hairstyles – Bekind Apex hair straightener is easy to straighten or curl your hair effectively & safely at home or on travel. Achieving a professional hair salon look is no more a hassle and is just a minute job.

Apex floating plates –  no hair tugging: With all-new Apex floating plates design, there is zero chance of hair tugging while styling your hair, keep natural and smooth as usual.

Newest heating tech: stable & no hair damage – BeKind comes with the newest PTC heating technology that provides constant & stable heat and takes less time than others to style your hair effectively & safely without damaging the hair.

Temperature memory – For every next use, the temperature memory function enables auto heat up to the exact temperature at which you used the BeKind Apex last time, saving more time to make your desired hairstyle.

30 in 1 hair style set – With great features, fantastic design and 30 in 1 hair accessories (hair clips, anti-scald glove, etc.), BeKind Apex would be a decent gift for girls, women, mother, girlfriend, wife, and lover, on birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, valentine and New Year. Of course, it will also be a great present for yourself.

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Not Only Straight But More Hair Styles
BeKind Apex Amazing Features

BeKind is genuinely the flat iron straightener you need in this new hair-care tech-era. After more than 6-months of research and testing, BeKind Apex is finally launched and available for the buyers. From safety to functionalities and ease of use to safety, the credit goes to our engineer and developers behind BeKind Apex. We know how sensitive women’s hair is, and this BeKind Apex Flat Iron Straightener will give the same love and care with full safety to your hair that you always wanted. At BeKind, we intend to offer the best experience and satisfaction in every aspect to our customers. Here are BeKind Apex features:

Make More Fashionable Hairstyles – With the newest rounded circle design, easy to straighten or curl your hair effectively at home as a professional hair salon in less time, achieving more fantastic hairstyles.
Lightweight Design – BeKind Apex itself is only 0.7 pounds, more convenient to hold and use, carry for traveling ideally.
Easier to Use – featured in all in 1 control, only one button to power on, switch temperatures and power off, no more complexities.
Apex Floating Plates – with Apex floating plates design, no hair tugging while styling your hair, smoothly as usual.
Newest PTC Heating Technology – provide constant & stable heat and take less time to style your hair effectively & safely and avoid damaging hair.
5 Temperature Settings – easily choose the right temperature between 320℉, 360℉, 390℉, 420℉ and 460℉ to style your hair perfectly.
Temperature Memory – heat up automatically to the exact temperature you used last time when using it next time.
Auto Power Off – BeKind Apex will auto-power off while there is no operation for 30 minutes.

Style Your Hair Anytime Anywhere And Achieve Professional Salon Results

Why BeKind Apex Hair Straightener?
6 Fantastic Features Designed Exclusively For You Only

Achieve Fashionable Hairstyles

With the newest rounded circle design, BeKind Apex is not only for straightening hair but also for exploring more hair-styling possibilities. You can use it to curl any part of your hair and make different hairstyles. Also, you can learn more about multiple hairstyles in BeKind community. Be yourself and no doubt!

Stable Heat & No Hair Damage

Say goodbye to inconsistent heating flat irons that stop you from styling your hair and often leave scary results. With all-new PTC heating technology, BeKind Apex maintains constant & stable heat. You get your hair styled effectively, safely in less time and no hair damage.

Apex Floating Plates

Thanks to BeKind design team, we finally apply Apex floating plates for BeKind Apex, making the real “No Hair Tugging” come true, just use the product smoothly and keep your hair natural as usual after styling, no more mess and welcome beauty.

Temperature Memory

BeKind Apex is not just another flat iron straightener; we implemented the heat memory function in it. BeKind Apex heats up automatically to the exact temperature you used last time, during every next use. Thus, it saves time and cuts the hassle.

Lightweight & Easy to Use

BeKind keeps user comfort at the top of the priority list. With one-button operation, temperature indicator, and lightweight design, it’s easier to set up and convenient to use, no matter if you are at home or traveling, just hold it without feeling the load, no muscle stress at all.

5-Temperature Mode

BeKind Apex offers 5 temperature settings for styling different kinds of hair, you can easily choose the suitable temperature between 320℉, 360℉, 390℉, 420℉ and 460℉ to style your hair perfectly, no more worries about getting your hair damaged.

A Big Bonus Bundle – Buy One Get 30!

Getting the hair styled in the right way is every woman’s need and dream. We, at BeKind, know that hair straightening and styling must be done in such a way that hair looks natural and remains undamaged. Thus, we deliver you a big bundle, which contains the following 30 items, which will help you style your hair in the perfect and safest way possible.

BeKind Apex hair straightener × 1
BeKind flannelette bag × 1
Silicone 2-side anti-scald glove × 1
Black hair clip × 2
Black hairbrush × 1
Black hair tie × 12
Lovely hairpin × 10
Snowy hair rope × 2

All these 30 hair styling tools are in-house designed at BeKind to make you feel special when styling your hair and offer the utmost care to your hair.

Always the Decent Gift at Anytime
A Great Gift For Your Loved Ones

We deliver BeKind Anion packed in a super cool colorful box, adorned with detailed illustrations carefully crafted by the BeKind design team. We have designed everything in such a way that person falls in love with the first impression of BeKind Apex as a gift.

When it comes to occasions, BeKind Apex would be a decent and wonderful gift for girls, women, mother, girlfriend, wife, and lover, on birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, valentine, New Year, and whatnot.

What’s more, gifting someone doesn’t require any reasons. If you want to make someone feel special and cared, there’s no need to wait for an occasion like a birthday. BeKind Apex, with all the pros of gifting, is the finest gift for all your loved ones, appreciate them, help them care & style their hair, and spread happiness & smiles.

Where there is BeKind, there is a smile.

26 reviews for BeKind Apex Flat Iron Hair Straightener – Living Coral

  1. Rosales

    I love this straightener! I’ve had a ton of them and this one is a favorite so far! I didn’t pay attention when I first had ordered this straightener and when I opened the package had noticed it came with a comb, glove, bobby pins, and some pony tails and scrunchies, along with a bag to hold it! I thought that was pretty cool! The straightener is awesome! I have super thin hair and a lot of damage to it but it glides right through it. Buy it!

  2. Andy

    By far my favorite hair straightener buy it and you won’t regret it!! I love how it has a lock option and you twist to lock and to unlock. It’s perfect and the coral is really a beautiful color. Super impressed with the straightener and you curl your hair as well

  3. Sam

    I purchased several different straightners for more money and none of them worked as well as this one! It has been prefect for curling my hair and not damaging it or ripping it out like most straighteners do.

  4. Marilyn

    I only used it real quick but so far it seems like a great straightener. I love the color so much. I have never been able to curl my hair with a straightener, i tried one strand with this straightener and it curled on the first try 🙂 let¡¯s hope its a long lasting straightner.

  5. ?jensen

    i was in need of a new straightener , i thought i was just getting the straightener and glove but this package came with so many hair accessories, a free sample and little cute temporary tattoos ! this was such a lovely surprise. And te hair straightener can be closed and locked! It is also very pretty and feels so smooth and light

  6. Raven

    THIS IS AMAZING! This is by far the best straightener I have ever had. First, this straightener feels so good in the hand and is so easy to use. Secondly, it heats up sooooo quickly I couldn¡¯t believe it. Lastly, my hair was SO sleek and shiny after using this the pictures don¡¯t even do it¡¯s justice. The fact that I got a straightener at this quality for this price amazes me. Oh! And it comes with a bunch of goodies! (Rat tail comb, clips for hair, 2 scrunches, BUNCH of ponytails, Bobby pins and a travel bag) This feels like a professional straightener. All I have to say is get it, you will not be disappointed!!

  7. Andrew

    I have had a few hair straighteners before but the locking mechanism on this one was unique to the other ones I had in the past. It makes it feel more secure for traveling and storing in general. The one I received also came with a small comb, a few hair ties, some bobbie pins, and a heat glove, which really helped since my dark hair gets really hot when exposed to any heat. So far, great investment.

  8. Ortega

    It¡¯s a very sleek and cool looking hair straightener. I LOVE how caring they are about free gift items were. Really want to buy more from y¡¯all bc of that. The iron itself is very easy to use and fun! It¡¯ll be full time hair tool-no doubt.

  9. Katie Seymour

    I absolutely LOVE how quickly it heats up! The heating options are a really nice touch. I think it’s great that it’s not pulling on my hair and what I really really love, that it’s 2-1! Less styling time and less hair styling tools to store! The color is very pretty too!

  10. Marialip

    The Bekind Apex 2-in-1 Hair Straightener Flat Iron heats up very quickly and hair glides easily through. My hair is long, curly, wavy and frizzy and I find 2 passes of the straightener per section leaves my hair pin straight and get’s the job done so quickly. Nice slim construction with locking feature that makes storage/traveling convenient. Long sturdy cord that doesn’t tangle during use. I am extremely please with the performance and features of the Bekind Apex 2-in-1 Hair Straightener Flat Iron and would highly recommend it.

  11. Anna

    I haven¡¯t used it yet but the packaging & product are gorgeous! This is my daughters first iron so the extra things such as scrunches, gloves etc are a plus for her her 1st kit. Everything she needs. She loves it

  12. angelico

    I liked that the straightener doesn’t pull my hair as I’m using it! Plus it was a pleasant suprise that I got some cute hair bands and Barretts!

  13. Kaliah

    LOVED IT! It works great, heats up fast and packaging was amazing!!! I am so satisfied with my purchase and it was absolutely worth it.

  14. Baylee

    This product is AMAZING! Beautiful design, beautiful color, and amazing hair styling. I have never loved a straight iron more.

  15. Adeline

    Works great! Love being able to straighten or curl my hair depending on how I feel. My roommate already complimented the sleek design and said it looks like a quality product.

  16. Sanchez

    Amazing for the price. My hair feels soft and not singed after using, still effective at 360 degrees. It is lightweight and glides through hair. Only con is that the power button is on the inside but otherwise love this tool.

  17. Cassidy

    It heats up pretty fast and once watching a few videos I was able to figure out how to curl my hair fairly easily. I love the locking feature to protect myself and kids and have easy travel and the button being inside to prevent accidental turn offs. I wasn¡¯t expecting the amount of items it came with but greatly appreciate them!

  18. Bay

    I love the way it looks very sleek and it¡¯s pretty! The temperature controls are nice because it lets me determine what works best for my hair. I love that it locks! That¡¯s a great feature! I also like that I straighten and curl my hair with 1 tool!

  19. Danny

    I absolutely love it. It works well and looks so stylish too! I wasn¡¯t expecting all of those extra hair ties, clips and etc. to come with the iron since it was so cheap. Totally worth the purchase.

  20. rose

    The color and design are gorgeous, it also heats up fast. I also love that both the plates on the straightener touch completely when clamped closed.

  21. Andrea

    Amazing product. First of all, i wanted to say that I feel like the created of this product really thought of everything. The package includes all sorts of cute stuff like a fine tooth comb, clips for hair, pony tails, & globe for heat & more. the package also comes with little notes & cards & it makes you feel so happy to read them. It can really cheer up your day just to see how much effort was put into making you happy. As for the iron itself, i got the red color (very pretty) & it has the heat settings which i like. the lock feature makes it easy to put away. For the price of this product, you really can¡¯t beat it. On the review pictures: half of my hair is ironed & half is natural. You can see how straight & shiny the ironed hair is & adds just a bit of length (if you¡¯re naturally curly or wavy). i havent tried out doing waves yet, but the paperwork comes with youtube links of tutorials. Id absolutely recommend everyone have one of these bad boys at home!

  22. Dill

    This is a light weight straightener and works great. You can do several different hair styles with it, the curl option was a plus for me since my old straighter only straightened my hair. Also one less hair product i have to have. It heats up within 15 seconds and has 5 temperature settings so you can pick which one to use. I also love how it has a power turn off mode after 30 minutes, so no more wondering if I forgot to turn it off or not.

  23. Sunny jones

    This little thing came with all kinds of stuff. It has 4 settings for temp, scrunchies, a gazillion hair bands of different kinds, a combination, colored Bobby pens, a glove, a bag to put it in and it locks closed! I’ve used it 4 or 5 times now and it heats up quick and straightens or curls. Im a fan so far. Id reccomend this for sure!

  24. Simone

    It takes alot to “WOW” me, this product exceeded ALL my expectations and it “WOWED” me!!!…. Beautifully made and works perfectly,, and the beautiful accessory it comes with amazed me…This is a must have if you are looking for a flat iron that will straighten your hair or curl your hair just like they do at the hair salon!!!….bI love it so much I plan on ordering a few more to give as gifts!!! This is by far the best flat iron I’ve ever owned!!!!

  25. Linda M.

    Beautifully packaged with wonderful extras. Left my hair silky soft, no catching, and unlike other flat irons that left my hair looking fried and obviously straitened, my hair is shiny, so soft, and natural looking. I¡¯m thrilled to have found BeKind!!

  26. Jennifer

    I’m horrible with doing my hair. I’ve had it short most of my life in order to avoid doing it. I have just tried this and it’s so easy even I could do it! Love the product – haven’t tried curl yet but it was a great straighten. Also, it came with so many amazing goodies!!!! Hair ties and more! See picture for an idea!

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