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GET HAIR STYLED IN THE LEAST POSSIBLE TIME – With newest MCH technology, BeKind Anion takes less time to heat up and keep stable for straightening hair more effectively, helping you save more time.

UPGRADED ANION FEATURE FOR BETTER HAIR CARE – With upgraded Anion feature, BeKind Anion hair straightening brushes generates millions of negative ions, which break down the positively charged water molecules, keeping the hair smooth, silky and less frizzy.

MULTIPLE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS FOR ALL KINDS OF HAIR – Powered by BeKind AnionScroll technology, This hair straightener comb can be adjusted to temperature 5℉ by 5℉(you will see the real-time temperature rising or falling to the temperature you set), quickly to get the right hot temperature ( range from 265℉ to 450℉)for all kinds of hair.

TEMPERATURE MEMORY – Whenever you want to straighten your hair again, BeKind Anion hair straightener brush can automatically heat up to the exact temperature you used last time. A proper way to operate effectively and save your time; no need to adjust the temperature every time.

30 IN 1 PERFECT GIFT – With great features, fantastic design and 30 in 1 hair accessories (hair clips, anti-scald glove, etc.), BeKind Anion would be the amazing gift for girls, women, mother, girlfriend, wife, and lover, on birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, valentine and New Year. Of course, it will also be an excellent gift for yourself.

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BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush Makes Your Hair More Stylish And Shining
Amazing Features Of BeKind Anion Anion Hair Straightener Brush

We are truly proud of BeKind Anion. BeKind engineers and designers spent 6 months to develop this good and easy-to-use hair straightener brush for men & women hair. We care most about our customer’s experience. We carefully designed all the details to try to make our customers satisfied. Here are BeKind Anion features:

Straighten Your Hair as Professional Hair Salon – easy to straighten your hair effectively as a professional hair salon in less time.
Advanced AnionScroll Tech – “1-button-operation” control this hair straightener brush with one AnionScroll button only, no more hassles.
Upgraded Anion Generator – effectively remove the hair static electricity and smooth your hair better.
MCH Heating Technology – provide constant & stable heat and take less time to style your hair effectively & safely and avoid damaging hair.
Anti-Scald Design – protect you better from getting any scalded issue during using BeKind Anion.
Temperature Memory – heat up automatically to the exact temperature you used last time when using it next time.
30 IN 1 Gift Bundle – purchase BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush and get 30 fantastic items in professional gift design.
Lightweight Design – BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush itself is only 0.69 pounds, more convenient to use, ideal for traveling.

Style Your Hair Anytime Anywhere And Achieve Professional Salon Like Favorite Hairstyle In No Time
Advanced AnionScroll Tech

With advanced AnionScroll technology, only 4 easy steps to use BeKind Anion, no more complicated interaction.

Plug-in and single press the AnionScroll to power on.
Scroll up or down to set up the temperature (you will see the real-time temperature rising up or falling down to the temperature you set).
Use BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush to brush your hair to get it straight.
Long press the AnionScroll to power off.

Why BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush?
6 Fantastic Features That You Might Not Want to Miss!

Upgraded Anion Feature

With upgraded Anion feature, BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush reduces frizz by 73%, increasing hair protection by 35%, making your hair silky and glossy. You get benefits of multiple hair-care accessories packed in just one affordable brush.

Multiple Temperature Settings

BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush offers wide temperature settings (265~450℉) and locks the right one for your desired hairstyle ( see the real-time temperature rising or falling to the temperature you set). No more worries about getting your hair damaged.

Temperature Memory

We implemented the heat memory function in the BeKind Anion hair straightener brush. BeKind Anion heats up automatically to the exact temperature you used last time, as soon as you power it on again. Thus, saving your precious time that you spend struggling to style your hair.

Newest MCH Heating Technology

Say goodbye to inconsistent heating that resists you from styling your hair and often leads to hair damage. With all-new MCH heating technology, BeKind Anion hair straightener brush maintains constant & stable heat. You get your hair styled effectively, safely in less time & the hair straightener brush remains efficiently operational for years to come.

Lightweight & Simple Design

BeKind Anion hair straightener brush is designed considering user comfort in mind. With AnionScroll button, LED monitor, and lightweight design, it’s easier to set up and more convenient to use, no matter you are at home or travelling. You can hold it without feeling the load, causing no muscle or bone stress at all.


Safety is our priority & there’s not a single compromise made in any safety aspect. BeKind Anion hair straightener brush features an Auto-shut Off feature, ensuring ultimate protection, as well as encouraging energy saving. The default standby time is 1-hour; if no operation is detected, It shut down automatically, ensuring safety & reduce electric consumption.

A Big Bonus Bundle – Buy One Get 30!

We know how important it’s to style your hair. We also know that hair straightening and styling must be done in such a way that hair looks natural and remains undamaged. Thus, once you order the BeKind Anion hair straightener brush, we deliver you a big bonus bundle, which contains the following 30 gifts, which will help you style your hair in the perfect and safest way possible.

BeKind Anion hair straightener brush × 1
BeKind flannelette bag × 1
Silicone 2-side anti-scald glove × 1
Black hair clip × 2
Black hairbrush × 1
Black hair tie × 12
Lovely hairpin × 10
Snowy hair rope × 1
Brush cleaner × 1

Always the Perfect Gift at Anytime of the Year

We deliver BeKind Anion hair straightener brush packed in a super cool colorful box, adorned with detailed illustrations carefully crafted by the BeKind design team. We have designed everything in such a way that person falls in love with in the first impression of BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush as a gift.

When it comes to occasions, BeKind Anion hair straightener brush would be a decent and wonderful gift for girls, women, mothers, girlfriends, wives, and lovers, on birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, valentine, New Year, and whatnot.

What’s more, gifting someone doesn’t require any reasons. If you want to make someone feel special and cared, there’s no need to wait for an occasion like a birthday. BeKind Anion hair straightener brush, with all the pros of gifting, is the finest gift for all your loved ones, appreciate them, help them care & style their hair, and spread happiness & smiles.

Where it is BeKind, there is a smile.


We’ve created a social media channel and will share different types of hairstyling. Channel will be updated every week. Purchasing BEKIND hairstyling series product is not only about buying a product, you also join the community of fashion hairstyling.

26 reviews for BeKind Anion Hair Straightener Brush

  1. CG

    This was given to me as a gift. I absolutely love it! I recently cut my hair short a little below my ears and this works amazing it straightens in about half of the time it would take me to use a straightener. It heats up fast it can be used literally within minutes. I love that it shows the heat as it rises. Many people have said it doesn’t work to dry hair but what i do is quickly towel dry my hair so it isn’t soaking then run the brush thru and the results have been amazing. My hair is super super thick and this works extremely well. my hair is straight and shiny within minutes! Would Definitely recommend.

  2. Morales

    OMG love this was looking for a a straightener to handle these curls and this does the Joni rarely straighten my hair cause it takes forever but this gets it done in half the time the temp goes up to 450 which is great for me it¡¯s light weight comes with a lot of cute accessories and a travel case it¡¯s worth the money I love it

  3. Laura Bedini

    I have tried so many different hair straighteners and this is the best one . Easy to use fast drying and strighting. Easy to travel with. Everyone should try it.

  4. Mike

    This brush is amazing! I love the swivel handle and the fact that the brush locks temperature. Also this brush gets very hot which is great for my type of hair.

  5. Julia

    Honestly the best one I’ve had yet. Heats up fast, I love the dial, and super quiet unlike my last one that got replaced by this straightening brush. Auto off is a plus as well.

  6. Kathy

    This is perfect. As far as I can tell, the heating elements are the orange parts in the ¡°bristles¡± so you won¡¯t burn your scalp when using this. It comes with a variety of great bonus items like hair ties and a comb that make this super easy to use. The instructions are also very straightforward. Do not try to use this to dry your hair; it¡¯s a straightener, NOT a dryer.

  7. Covina

    Unlike traditional straighteners this one is very easy to maneuver (especially for a beginner like myself) and still get a great look. Love it.

  8. Marie

    I love it so far!. Straightens well even when you get to the end. Heats up quickly as well!. Not to mention all the extra goodies that is given with the product love the satin black scrunchy!

  9. Nathan

    Works well. My daughter has a very thick natural black hair and this product helped to straighten it out well.

  10. Lynn

    I have only used it twice but I am really satisfied with the brush. The item also came with thoughtful extras , like a travel sack and some hair clips and hair novelties. It was very easy to use and I like the temperature control. It cools down quickly when you unplug it. I¡¯m not into gadgets and this brush is simple to use you don¡¯t need a PHD

  11. Jennifer

    The packaging for this product was incredible, I received several items such as Bobby pins, pony tail holders, a scrunchie, heat protectant glove, and more. I am so excited for this product and am really happy to have purchased it.

  12. Josie

    So far so good! I¡¯ve only used it on my sisters hair and I like it as of yet. Nice quality product with cool accessories.

  13. Rose

    Does a great job!!! I have so much hair and it can get it all straight pretty quick. I like that it doesn¡¯t take any volume away.

  14. Teddy

    Like that I can control the temperature! Can also use to flip under the ends for a little curl and body.

  15. Una

    Unfortunately my first just sizzled out no one knows how but thankfully Amazon still carries it. I love how quickly it heats up. I especially love the no scald bristles. I had several bald spots in the crown of my head and a couple in the front. I was able to get the other areas with ease. ( 1st purchase ) Now this time my hair is growing in and it smoothed my lil sprouts. So happy I didn’t have to pull out the pressing comb. My edges are not relaxer straight but good enough. I don’t even pull out the hot comb. After I straighten my hair I just style it and add a little edge control and viola.

  16. Katie

    Works very well. Doesn’t straighten harsh like a straight iron but just a natural straight. Heats up in about a minute! Super fast and easy to use

  17. Lindsay

    I hate flat irons with a passion but this strengthening brush is a dream come true. No more burning my hands or my hair. This is really kind to the hair. The temperature control is amazing.

  18. Susan

    Easy to hold and guide: not heavy. Good design. Great service. Bag with clips, comb and other goodies was a pleasant surprise.

  19. Helen

    Love this! Am growing out a pixie haircut-my hair is super thick, not straight, not curly-has a mind of its own. But with this I can air dry and then go back in and get polished, straight look in a matter of minutes. Super easy to use with super quick heat up-haven¡¯t used anywhere near top heat capacity with great results.

  20. Peggy

    I really needed something that didn¡¯t make my hair fried at the end like my traditional hair straightener. The claming at the end was having really bad affects on split ends. I was having to trim my hair every two weeks because of the ends. With the brush there¡¯s no clamping so the ends stay better longer. I also really like the heat temperature option. Also for you ladies and gentlemen that go to bed with your hair wet and wake up to huge ¡°bumps¡± in your hair this DOES get close enough to smooth those out! I really honestly recommend this straightening brush!

  21. Benton

    Based on what I read hair should be dry before using, so, I have not used on wet hair. Product is very easy to use. And it does a eally good job for being a hair brush straightener. Based on the reviews is why I bought the product. Reviews I had read before on hairbrush straighteners were not very good. The straightener comes with a lot of little accessories which makes it an added bonus. The bag makes it easy for traveling.

  22. Mosshart

    Upon initial use I was very impressed. I then had my mom try it out and she loved it as well.

  23. Evelyn Diaz

    I love it!! I so recommend to buy!! My hair feels nice after use and it brings great stuff in the package. Don¡¯t think about it just buy

  24. Mary

    This product worked really well. Straightens hair quick and with ease. I told several family members about this item and they ordered one as well. We’re all very pleased. Great Product.

  25. Gigi

    In the beginning I was skeptic about it. I bought it for Mother¡¯s Day! I didn¡¯t only loved it but I am going to buy one for me too! Great! It doesn¡¯t hurt and damage your hair as much as the iron or blow dryer! It leaves it soft and smooth! Great products

  26. Jones

    I Love this straightener! It¡¯s got a selective control temperature and it¡¯s light weight (not bulky in ur hands). I purchased on a whim and I love it. My hair is natural and is curly and wavy, so I wanted to straighten it some for braids and works GREAT! Glad I found and purchased it.

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